Respecting a parent’s choice – Raphael Elisha Cohen

Guest post by Randy Barnes

By now many across the Jewish world are acquainted with the tragic saga of Raphael Elisha Cohen, the six year old boy in Houston, TX battling medulloblastoma, a vicious form of brain cancer. What started out as a local story in the Jewish Herald Voice, Houston’s Jewish community newspaper, was picked up by and other international Jewish news outlets including the Times published pieces about Raphael Elisha’s plight.

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STAR Testing Time

It is STAR testing time again. When public schools go into full test-prep mode. Homework stops, and studying test questions take precedence over general instruction. Parents are called upon to volunteer, and bring fresh snacks for peformance improvement of some kind. Like the introduction of healthy food will make a difference in the outcome. If a kid does not have a good blood sugar balance the other parts of the year (or even if they do), and if they don’t know the material by now, what difference does this dollop of nutrients make to actual learning? Is that what fruit does? Continue reading STAR Testing Time

Good For the Ladies

We’re not talking about the bird and the bees… yet.

My 8 year old son asked me about facial hair. Bedtime hugs can be a scratchy business. So I was explaining how when he gets older he will have a beard like Daddy, and he will learn how to shave. I also told him he will get hair on his legs, maybe on his chest, and his arms.

He showed me his arm and told me he already had hair. I said that his arms had peachfuzz for now, but in time he would have real hair. He nodded,  smiled and said, “Good for the ladies.”

Flaming Toilets, Batman! It’s a… flaming toilet.

My 8 yr old son is getting into cars. He is learning how to spot Mustangs, Camaros and Porches. His old toilet seat broke, and it was time to get him into early Guy-hood with a spiffy new number that will last for a few years of Cool. I probably could have painted it myself, but like all the other things on my list, it would have taken a couple years to get done.

He thought it was great. As if a man needs any more reason to be in the bathroom.


Raising Kids 2007

We’re enjoying the child-rearing years. Keaton is 6, Jayden is 3. We know that every moment of health and happiness is a blessing -and we savor them all. Check out some recent pictures below, as well as the latest videos, too.


Update: All photos can be found in the new gallery section of my site

Keaton and Calista at Sunset