Crocodile Kills 19

This article is brilliant for several reasons. First, it’s got a great headline. Deceptive and true all at the same time. Next, three bullet points under the picture summarize the whole story. I wish all news did this, it’s masterful. Lastly, the final bullet point, on an albeit tragic story, is hilarious: a link to All the latest travel news.

Crocodile on plane kills 19 passengers


German boy becomes superhero after being hit by meteorite

Essen, Germany, Planet Earth, A.D. 2009

A meteorite traveling at 30,000 mph hits a 14 year-old boy in Germany.

A red hot, pea-sized piece of rock then hit his hand before bouncing off and causing a foot wide crater in the ground.

According to young Gerrit Blank, the meteorite came from the sky in a blinding flash of light, there was pain in his hand, then “an enormous bang like a crash of thunder.”  Scientists are studying the meteorite. There was no report of aliens emerging from the space rock… yet.

Besides a gnarly 3-inch scar, the young man is expected to be imbued with super-human powers and embark on a career of saving the world in tight fitting clothes.

Artists Depiction of A Bright Light in the Sky
Artists Depiction of A Bright Light in the Sky

Not reported is the exact nature of the as-yet-unnamed super powers. He may have a super-human hand, fingers, or amazingly soft skin. Equally mysterious is what arch-enemy (or enemies) he must face, or if he will join the Super Heroes Union Local 618.

Last but not least, is the similarity of the boy’s name to a certain blogger from California (that would be me) trying to get some traction from the story. Years of trying to explain the pronunciation to Americans will be over when the graphic novel becomes a blockbuster movie franchise from Pixar.

Penis Festival in Japan (NSFW)

Followers of Japanese culture know that our friends across the Pacific are a little irreverent, especially when it comes to sexuality. If you don’t know what I mean, a great example is the annual Penis Festival. More correctly, the Festival of the Steel Phallus (Kanamara Matsuri).

I am not making this up. It is held each spring in Kawasaki, Japan, and according to Wikipedia, it is a Shinto fertility festival.penis_ride

10 foot tall pink penis floats? Check. Penis rides? Check. Kids with penis lollipops? …er, I will leave that as an exercise for the reader.

There is an official website, of course. And it has received many mentions on blogs. If you are not easily offended (read: a guy), it is good for a chuckle. It is definitely a one-of-a-kind conversation starter.