Magic Water – Better Living Through Chemistry

Cleans toilets, kills Anthrax, costs a penny a gallon. And you can drink it. What’s not to like? I am not making this up.

This miracle liquid is electrolyzed water. It is made from a simple process involving salt, water and electric current. It’s been used in Japan and Russia for decades. An article in the Los Angeles Times describes how hotel workers could not believe the stuff worked, because there is no smell or suds.

“It’s 10 times more effective than bleach in killing bacteria,” said Yen-Con Hung, a professor of food science at the University of Georgia-Griffin, who has been researching electrolyzed water for more than a decade. “And it’s safe.”


The process is pretty simple. The article has this animation showing how it works.

It is used in swimming pools, taxis, hotels and oil wells. Can I do my laundry with this stuff?

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